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Section IV - 

400.1 Infants Left At the Fire Station.pdf401 Personnel Accountability.pdf401.1 Passport Accountability System.pdf402 Respiratory Protection.pdf402.1 Respiratory Protection.pdf402.2 Fit Testing for Respirator.pdf402.3 User Seal Check on Respirators.pdf402.4 Respirator Medical Evaluation Questionnaire.pdf402.5 Annual Fit Testing Record.pdf403 Vehicle Safety Standards.pdf403.1 Apparatus Operator training and Promotion.pdf403.11 Appendix A APPARATUS Driver Log.pdf403.12 Appendix B Driver Evaluation Checklist.pdf403.13 Appendix C Driver Approval.pdf403.2 Emergency Vehicle Response Guidelines.pdf403.3 Mechanical Failures.pdf404 Use of Warning Lights on Persoanl Vehicles.pdf405 Harassment Policy.pdf406 Cost Recovery.pdf406-A Fee Schedule Appendix.pdf406.1 Cost Recovery Procedure.pdf407.1 Meeting Room Reservation and Agreement .pdf408.1 Handling Possible Child or Elderly Abuse.pdf410 Minors in Fire Station.pdf411 Incident Command.pdf411.1 Command and Control.pdf411.2 Transfer Command.pdf411.3 Risk Management.pdf411.4 Safety.pdf411.5 Staging.pdf411.6 Command Forms.pdf411.6B Command Forms-Incident Management Worksheet.pdf411.6C Yamhill IAP.pdf411.7 Post Incident Analysis.pdf411.8 Public Information.pdf412 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control.pdf412.1 Bloodborne Pathogens Exposure Control.pdf412.2 Yamhill Fire Protection District Temporary COVID Response Policy.pdf413.1 Emergency Decontamination.pdf413.2 Haz-Mat 21 Decon Set Up Instructions.pdf413.2A Haz-Mat 21 Decon Set Up Instructions.pdf414.1 Issuing Personal Protective Equipment.pdf415 Maintenance and Inventory Procedures for Apparatus and Equipment.pdf